How to Wear a Beanie

Published: 28th March 2011
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First off depending where in the world you are, a beanie might not be the correct term. In Canada beanies are referred to as toques. Granted, a beanie would be considered more of a sub-category of toques more of a fashionable toque. For this article we will use the term beanie. So letís go through the steps of how to wear a beanie.

First step is to decide whether you will have your hair up or down. If choosing to have your hair up then itís a fairly easy choice, twist your hair up on the top of your head and pull on whichever beanie you have picked out. Hair down offers multiple options to consider. Bangs? No bangs? What are you going to do with your hair in the back? Two common options are pig-tail braids out the back with bangs swept across one side of your face or leave your hair flowing out the back with bangs either up or swept to the side. There are so many options and ways to wear Beanies make sure you try out multiple styles and get your friends involved and ask their opinions.

Next, letís go over the different types of beanies; again you have multiple different options. Woven, felt, knitted, brim or no brim etc.... You are going to have to do some research and look at lots of pictures, check out celebrity pictures on the net. Consider your hair length, face shape, style or look you are shooting for. Shopping for beanies online is a great option also as you will have amazing selection and the convenience of having beanies delivered right to your door.

As for what to wear a beanie with you again have lots of options as beanies are super versatile. They look great with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans, they go with sweaters, winter jackets and on and on. Basically, they go with every casual look. Beanies will go great with long business coats in the winter but should be removed when not outdoors as beanies only fit with more casual looking outfits when inside.

Beanies go by multiple names, here are a few of the terms used: wooly hats, ski hats, skull caps, toques

Now that you know what they are called and the style you will be seeking itís time to start shopping! Hit the local stores to try out the fits but do not forget to cruise the net and shop online for a better selection of styles and prices. is always a great first stop.

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