How to Dress like Victoria Beckham

Published: 28th March 2011
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The posh spice girl Victoria Beckham has caught David Beckham's attention back when she was a member of the Spice Girl. She has caught everyone's attention with her sleek, chic and stylish looks day and night. Her dresses are well-tailored, make-up simple and classic and her hair is always short and trendy.

Victoria is a fashion designer with one of the most successful clothing line, she is a mother of three and expecting the forth soon and she always looks like a million bucks. She strives to look sophisticated and on top of things. She portrays the powerful yet trendy chic woman of the twenty first century.

She is always seen sporting big black sunglasses whether its day or night. Black is probably her favorite fashion color. She loves wearing big look-at-me designer bags that are chic and sophisticated. Victoria Beckham almost never mixes colors; when she wears colors like yellow, pink or green, she wears that color only for example a green dress with black pumps and simple to no accessories. The color of the dress or the shoes becomes the focal point to her look which is classic yet minimal.

Structures and angles are a must when it comes to her clothing fashion sense; something like an a-line or a pencil skirt, a structured blazer or a black cardigan. When Victoria leaves her house, she has to have her heels, the higher the better; high heels that are not comfortable to walk in yet are so posh and trendy. I doubt that Victoria Beckham has flat shoes!

Victoria Beckham wears skinny jeans and sleek pants and sometimes cargo pants. But she prefers dresses and skirts over pants and jeans. She always mixes her casual look with a well-tailored fitted black blazer. Because Victoria Beckham is so tiny and has probably one of the smallest waistlines in Hollywood, she can pull off any look anytime. She accentuates her tiny waistline by wearing a skinny belt overtop a tailored grey or dark over- the- knee body hugging dress.

She knows very well that she is a classy woman but she does not mind showing some skin. She likes to wears sleeveless tops showing her toned skinny arms. Victoria Beckham also prides in her cleavage and push up bras!

Last but not least, is Victoria's confidence. Confidence and elegance are important to Victoria Beckham; her overall attitude makes her even look more stylish. We know that her lavish and expensive wardrobe is to die for but her confidence and elegance can absolutely be copied.

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